Thursday, June 21, 2012

Countdown to chomping down!

PEOPLE! In 7 days exactly I will be finding out the news on a new diet from my surgeon! I'm praying that he allows me to begin chewing! Its been a long 5 weeks with no chewing, I will say, and I am very ready to get back into my normal eating! Its actually flown by considering how miserable Ive been with seeing everyone around me eating normal yummy foods!
My last visit to the surgeon was a very positive one. He was going on and on about how great I looked just 3 weeks after surgery! He even had a family come in who's son had just had the same exact surgery the day before... They were worried about his recovery so Dr. Bolding had them come in a talk to me a bit about my process.  I guess our "before" x-rays were very close to identical as far as our jaw and bite.  They were shocked to see how well I was already doing and I reassured them that their son would be just fine.. the first few days seem rough but it DOES get much better quickly.  That was nice to know that Dr. Bolding felt so confident in the way I was looking at that time.  He said my x-rays were looking good and everything seemed to be healing just right.
I didn't really have much to ask him about, as I knew that I would still have three more weeks to go on the no-chew diet.  I only asked him about a small rash that I had developed under my chin along my neck and jaw line.  He informed me that it was just from swelling; as the skin becomes swollen and fluid develops under the skin, the oil glands are forced to stretch out and that might irritate the skin.  That was gone, though, just a matter of days after that visit! Other than that I was good to go! I made my appointment for exactly three weeks from that which will be on the 28th (next Thursday).
As far as my healing goes, I have been feeling great! Really the only thing is just the tightness of my teeth from wearing the bands, and not being able to open very wide (about an inch).  Ive been able to go out and spend lots of time with friends, and even go to class and work.  I'm back to my normal daily activities which is awesome! I think a lot of people thought this surgery would take more of a toll on my life but I really only was out of commission for about the first 4 days, then I slowly began to do more things!
Here are some pictures from my life since the surgery!

Out with my friends! (About 2 weeks after surgery!) (I'm in the middle with the swollen face!)
Royals game! (2 weeks after surgery!) (To the left of the adorable baby!)

Brothers of the Sun Concert!! (A little over three weeks since surgery! (Far right!)

Best friend! (4 weeks since surgery!)

Week 5 since surgery! Swelling pretty well gone I think!
This whole process has been a lot but I'm so glad that the surgery part is over! I'm just anxious now to get my braces off and be done with it all! :) Well I will write again soon once I see my surgeon again!
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